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5 reasons to learn to program at school age

We used to think that the only way to become a programmer is after high school and after college. But you can actually start programming at the age of six and the main thing is that kids really like these unusual hobbies. We were told by Kodland course instructors about the reasons we still need to learn to code at school age.

1. Creativity

Programming is not just about writing algorithms and codes to start with. Computer science is the most creative subject in the school curriculum. Your imagination and implementation are not limited. You can create your own 3D worlds, games and even music.

2. Profession

IT is a school subject that provides knowledge for the future profession. Examples of the demand of young programmers and developers are many even in our Kodland. In the «Beyond Frames» project teenagers create commercial sites, monetized games and blogs, while still studying at school. They do not need university, development grants or scholarships.

3. Abilities

Coders step by step build a program for a specific purpose using a limited set of tools, in the form of a programming language and a computer. They need to analyze and decompose the task, write the code, test it and debug it. So programming is also a great way for schoolchildren to learn how to think structurally and consistently.

4. Immersion in IT

We cover topics related to digital literacy and safety, show how to use technology wisely, and make sure that the devices don’t control the child during classes. It’s a truly conscious dive into the IT world. Programming helps you understand how your favorite games and applications work. We show how to become a creator, not just a user or a consumer. 

5. Skills

Just a few more details. A child who’s learning programming
  • will start typing faster;
  • acquire all necessary computer skills;
  • learn to collect and process information;
  • better learn English.

At Kodland, you can create a personal education track to master multiple programming languages, learn how to create applications, multi-page sites or games with your own design. Any child can try out a new IT hobby. :)