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Как не перенапрячь ребёнка 5-8 лет учёбой?

A modern child tries to do everything: school in the morning, sports section in the afternoon, extra tutoring in the evening and a weekend trip with the classroom to the museum.As a parent, it seems that if five- to eight-year-olds have a lot of energy, there must be a lot of options for time passing. We spoke with Ksenia,psychologist and methodologist of «Skazavria» family interactive project about ways not to overburden the child with studying and activities.

— Ksenia, in your opinion, how much time do the younger students need to study and rest?

By first grade, 45 minutes of concentration per occupation is considered the maximum that children can sustain. Note that not everyone is capable of reaching this maximum, so parents should teach a child to cope with this kind of burden by the age of seven or eight.

Many adults feel that children aged 5-7 have an infinite supply of energy, which must be directed somewhere. In fact, guys become hyperactive and unruly just because most of the time they have to deal with the intellectual workload without being able to meet other needs fully. Like your desire to move around, to hang out with your peers and to relax.

— How do you tell if a 5-7 year-old is psychologically ready to go to first grade?

It’s impossible to be completely prepared, because a child has to go into a completely unfamiliar environment, be surrounded by new people, both adults and children. The main task of parents is to minimize this stress for the child. You don’t have to give up preschool preparatory courses. They will meet future classmates and teachers and introduce the subjects studied.

Beforehand, discuss with the child what his school life will look like, tell about the rules and norms of behavior and absolutely say «what to do if...» . Like what to do if you want to go to the bathroom during class.

— How does a child get away from school? What is the most effective form of recreation?

​​It is considered that change of type of activity is the best rest, because different information perception channels are used in this way. While one is resting, the other is working and vice versa. I would recommend a fresh air walk for a full and productive relaxation. You can engage in any active activity to distract your head while keeping your body in tune after sitting at the desk.

— Often a child chooses a TV or a smartphone as a way to take a break from school. How much time at this age can a child spend in front of the screen?

Specialists believe that a child aged 5-8 should not spend more than an hour a day at the screen. I suggest to do it in doses, half an hour in the morning and evening or three times of 20 minutes.

— At what age should additional education be introduced? Is visual programming courses for 5-8 year olds normal?

Additional education can be introduced for infants after 3.5 years if they already have primary socialization skills. But you don’t need to go to a variety of mugs every day. Choose one or two sections and visit them permanently. No child can go to school, do homework, study in a section and start over the next day.

— How does a parent know that a child is too tired?

When the child is overwhelmed, he or she begins to sleep badly and disturbingly. It turns out that sleeping time does not relax completely, does not restore strength. Mood swings may occur, attention may be reduced. Distraction and anxiety may increase. Take a look at the child and ask him about the workload if you notice such signs. Children can feel more tired than usual. Be attentive to their needs.