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How to choose a tutor? 4 main criteria

Finding a suitable tutor is not easy. It is important that he doesn’t just help understand the material. But the child needs to like a tutor. Where do you need to start looking for a specialist? How to make the right choice? 
We approached Oleg Golubev, Academic Director of Kodland and the computer teacher with 12 years of experience to get answers to these questions. They identified four criteria to be guided.

Accordance to learning objectives

Parents or adolescents must decide for what purposes additional classes are required at the beginning. If you have to repeat a complex topic in computer science, one person will be good for it. If you want to learn programming then a completely different person will be good for it.

Clearly state your request and the expected measurable learning results. For example, after six months of study, you need to be prepared for the Unified State Examination in Mathematics and pass the exam by an estimated 80 points.

Real experience

Pay attention to the experience while selecting a specialist on the site. The current teacher knows the curriculum of each class, undergoes refresher courses to prepare for the USE and conducts annual independent diagnostics. As a school tutor, he will be more valuable than, for example, a student or even a professor.

An experienced teacher has more learning tools in his piggy bank, he will find a way to a child more quickly.

If you are a parent, please contact the chosen specialist and see if he understands the specifics of the school. Among tutors there are teachers who no longer work in schools, but simply so called «train» on selected topics. Such tutors are not suitable for filling gaps in subject knowledge.

Comfort at lessons

The tutor must create a comfortable environment in the classroom in order to realize a student’s potential. After the start of classes, ask the child how pleasant and interesting it is to study, how the material is presented and how the homework is checked.

The education can take place remotely and even in groups, making it cheaper and more convenient.

A remote format may not work for very young children . But now there’s no difference between off-line and online science classes, especially if it’s one-on-one learning.

Lesson program

After a few weeks of tutoring, children still get satisfactory marks. A tutor can convince a parent that it’s not about him, that a child in the classroom is simply underestimated or that the school’s universal approach affects his or her performance.

The truth is, you can study anything in a one-on-one tutor class. You will not be able to control the content of the lesson and it will be difficult to evaluate the actual knowledge. Therefore, give preference to those extra classes where you study according to the tested program and see the effect of the tutoring will be easier.

At Kodland classes are conducted according to a well-defined educational trajectory developed by methodologists, where there are clear points of evaluation of results. We pay attention to the personality and skills of the teacher, but most importantly, we guarantee the quality of teaching to the parent and the pupil. We have one-on-one tutorials and mini-group tutorials for those who are more comfortable.